Delivery Policy

Since we only offer digital products and services, our delivery is exclusively by e-mail. Usually, the documents or Videos will be attached in a private Google Drive Folder, being shared exclusively with the buyer. The video is kept for 60 days in our Cloud before being deleted.

Every service has a different Delivery Time, because of a lot of variables (complexity, execution time, analysis).

Most of the projects will have a fix period of time to it's delivery, in order to keep the contact formal and easily tracked, all the contact is done by the e-mail

Product is only delivered when the payment is received, according to the contact detailed by e-mail. Please, understand that all the contact is done by the e-mail with no exceptions!

Any correction client needs, please reply to your finished masterpiece with your desired corrections and modifications, so we can keep the history and the development phases of the work. We will use that information to keep improving our products and services.

We will never make contact to our client by Social Media, phone, or WhatsApp/Telegram. All our contact about delivery and payments are done through this e-mail:

It is possible to face a few delay on e-mail replies due to the enormous work demand we are having, please be patient! We will not take longer than 1 day to reply to your message.