Has Covid killed the Traditional Office?

Updated: May 28, 2021

If we have to point an opinion, we would say: It will never kill Traditional Office, here's why:

1) Big offices draw attention and do business by themselves (visibility);

2) Employees can network and cooperate with each other without internet delays or chat rooms' barriers;

3) Offices are fun! Who doesn't like to have a warm and colored place to do your tasks?;

4) Almost every business require a depot to store the goods, so having people around these depots can be strategic;

5) Employees do not waste time looking for paper, pen, etc. Business will always provide and get a good stock of each day-to-day items;

6) Reduced delay when transferring client's calls for different departments;

7) A Notebook with a custom VPN will protect user against web threats, but will not protect against traps (like downloading malware or sending information to an unencrypted site) this user falls while navigating (only an I.T department in the same network can make it 99% safe, using technologies like Wireshark and so on);

8) People might get stressed for having no barrier between home-work.

For now, let's please keep using our masks and being the safest as possible. But analyzing this environment we think Traditional Office will always exist. Maybe, small companies decide for having no Office in an attempt to reduce the fix monthly's costs.

A traditional office. With office materials on the table.
Has Covid killed the Traditional Office?


And you, what do you think that will happen to our Traditional Office future? Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear from you!


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