How to Overcome a Crisis with Marketing Strategy

Updated: May 28, 2021

This is a technical post. You will learn Basic Marketing tips to help you overcome a crisis.

Sometimes, a crisis is like a thief in the middle of the night (which no one is expecting).

It could be an economics breakdown, a weather disaster (just like is happening to Texas).

    What to do when your business suffer an impact? 

Crisis changes things, your marketing needs to change

Imagine a person who lost everything to a storm, or is having issues with crisis too. E-mails, radio commercials, TV advertisements and telemarketing's calls probably won't work as effectively as before.

Of course you have to show you are alive, you have to show your portfolio, your business changes, but what to do next?

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How to Overcome a Crisis with Marketing Strategy

People demand an exchange

You are respected for what you know. If you know a lot, your service or product will be reliable in customer's eyes. - Eurova Marketing

When you share knowledge, you will get respected.

You will get followers on your social media. You will get people agreeing or disagreeing with you. When they disagree with you, it is a golden key to improve things you did not see before!

Use Social Media

    What Social Medias should you choose? What do your potential customer use? What do they like to see? Do we have people in our company to offer these experiences and feed news, materials, to get our message sent?

Depending on your Marketing's team analysis and final decision on which Social Medias fits you better, you have to choose a few Personas. You will need to make a creative development's process, because you have to be unique. You have to be remembered.

Will you start small? Yes you will. But what to do next?

Get a service of an awesome SEO Professional. It could be to create a website from scratch, or to improve your website technically. To the point you can start writing, getting your first backlinks and authority on the web, before sharing it to your Social Medias!

HINT: If you can hire a SEO expert, you will get results a little faster. Titles and texts may vary according to region. That professional will see things other's don't see. - Eurova Marketing

Do you have a little budget? Time to get fast results by investing in Google ADs!

An experienced Marketer, or an Agency can make you do more with less. Believe me, what you will pay them will be nothing, since you can have an ADs campaign for a Lifetime Period depending on your niche and product.

Track your Conversion Rate

Do you remember the personas you did choose a while back? Try changing slowly, check if clients actually buy your product more often. Have fun in this process because it may take a while! Give space to your workers to think and to try. You will be surprised with the results they will get in the long run.

Make contacts in your area

Nothing like a group. Do you think you can get far alone? Maybe you can, but it is harder.

Use your Social Medias to connect with people in the same area as you. You will not try to sell anything (unless you want to be known as the boring person). But you can teach and learn with them. You can see who they connect to, which groups they join, etc. But the main thing is: You will get noticed.

    When you get noticed, you can be part of online events, people will start to like you and your products if you let them comment or give advice on your products and services.

The last one and not less important:

Keep improving your Product / Service

Be tuned with us! I hope you enjoyed this quick guide to overcome a crisis. I hope you had ideas for yourself and your business! Keep using masks please, take care of yourself and your family. God bless!
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