Is Netflix basic Bad Quality?

Updated: May 28, 2021

We did some tests here, we will point the pro's and con's in this topic!

If your time is short, here is the answer: If you will watch in 1 Device only at a time (on your mobile if it has a small screen size), it is OK. By OK I don't mean awesome. It is decent because 480p performs well in this situation (average of 70% quality). You will notice a bigger blurry if you use a faster smartphone with a bigger screen, or a Tablet (which has a giant screen).

A monitor with the word NETFLIX printed on it
Is Netflix basic Bad Quality?

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Now you might say: Ok, tell me more please?

Let's go

When you enter Netflix website, you will see this image:

A screenshot of Netflix's website where you can pick up a plan
Netflix's Website Choose a Plan Screen

Netflix Basic: Only good for phones with a smaller screen size. Otherwise image will be very blurry.

  • You can only watch at 1 Device at a time, no one else can watch in another Device.

Netflix Standard: Good if you do not watch on 4K TVs and does not have a 4K Monitor. So that is general use, including:

  • Smartphones;

  • Computer Monitors 1080p;

  • 1080p TVs.

Also another big advantage:

  • 2 Devices can watch different Netflix's programs at the same time!

Netflix Premium: This one includes every benefit Netflix has to offer: 4K TVs and 4K Monitors. Also, it supports 4 Devices simultaneously!


We are not being sponsored to admit: Netflix has got some high quality stuff there! We will get our popcorn and enjoy some masterpieces.


Have a nice week!