Motivation Monday Quote

Updated: May 28, 2021

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Today we will talk about Monday Motivation! First, we will bring you to think about life's wishes and dreams and then, we will show you that everyone fail in a certain moment. The main key is how you keep moving forward (I am feeling like Rocky Balboa)!

Firstly, it is impossible to bring your real motivation into your mind without inviting you to know yourself, we will do it by inviting you to think with us about what does make you inspired? Let me say some popular wishes:

  1. Fame;

  2. Your Name's Legacy;

  3. Dreams;

  4. Friends;

  5. Art;

  6. Culture;

  7. Knowledge;

  8. Social Responsibility;

  9. Harmony with people near you;

  10. Financial Stability;

  11. Being Creative;

  12. Other's Admiration;

  13. Being Known.

Oh no! I ran out of Brainstorming ideas!


All of those topics are nice things you must aim for in your life and enjoy the self improvement's process, without penalizing yourself for any frustrations and losses.

So what is the real Monday Motivation Quote I must keep in mind?

Keep in mind that you are in a journey. Look inside yourself to discover what makes your eyes shine, look other's life to discover that they had difficulties too and what they did to overcome any obstacle.

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Motivation Monday Quote

But can someone make any victory without having an obstacle or even failing on the way?

We don't know anyone that never did fail, or never had a difficulty to overcome.

"Winners will Fail and Get up" - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Who doesn't fail? The secret is to discover what keeps you moving forward

This answer can be simple: Dreams, the wish to give a better life to those around you, the wish to help the society someday.

You will need concentration to keep going in your journey to get a durable motivation. Let me tell you, the main key to keep your concentration and improving yourself is:

Stop listening to other's negative words.

Because if you are all ears to negative words, you will probably feel afraid.

If you're afraid, you'll fail, you won't get very far. - Steve Jobs

What do you have to do to achieve your objectives? Always keep trying. Do it for yourself, for your name, for the ones you love. Will everyone achieve a gigantic success by creating a Google / Microsoft / Facebook? Certainly not. But you will of course end up better when you walk up a mountain (your legs will get stronger)!

The key is with you now! Always has been

And if you fail? Keep improving.

I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. - Michael Jordan

But hey, between us: Do you know what the main happiness of life is? That is when you see the ones you love happy. There is no price for this! Professional and life objectives we will always have a brand-new chance everyday!

Do not be afraid of failing.

In the worst scenario you will find another way to improve yourself.


Keep moving forward!