Poem of the Day

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

I remember my first house, where I grew up.

I grew from nothing to something.

Nothing came easy.

But, I conquered it all with dignity and honor.


My city, my family.

My mountains, my rivers and my pipe dreams.

I will continue to being devoted.

I will be devoted to never give up.


The wheels of history keep moving us forward.

I can never forget the days and the nights I had.

Some good, others bad.

I can never forget all the friends I've made.


But if you need an annotation for this time.

I think it would be: "Thanks for meeting you!"

- From now on that is sealed: May your dreams never die!
Image shows a Japanese constructed house in the middle of the sea in sunset
Poem of the Day

You know, all my life I did enjoy being positive. In my understanding, being positive will help you grow, will help you to dedicate and improve yourself. That, not only to change your life, but all the environment around you.

I did never see a person get a healthy mind without positivity. Even if the life is challenging you, positivity is the way to get out there.

If you enjoyed this piece of text, let me know in the comments! Maybe I decide to get more time to think about new texts.

So, this I want to say you with this poem: Whatever your challenge is, keep going!