Top 3 Questions to ask in an Interview

Updated: May 28, 2021

Learn some of the best interview's techniques in few minutes.

Nothing like a new job, am I right or am I right?


Before we get into the top 3 questions, it is important to know the thinking behind the list. We took some important considerations when we thought about it:

1. Would you be happy in the company if you get the job?

You need to learn about the company and the people that work there. Remember "People are hired for their skills and fired for their behavior"

2. How to attach value to your experience while asking the questions?

Here, you are not aiming for money. Sometimes, company's situation is sensitive, or it is a startup. But is important to register your dedication to get to the point you are today. That is the best way to get recognized in future. Plant the seed in the interview.

3. How to discover possible problems you will have in the company?

It is very possible that someone was occupying your position. You have to try to learn what caused the previous person to get fired or to end up leaving, to adapt yourself in your new journey.

4. How to discover possible positive things you will have in the company?

Everyone has positive things to offer. You can take lessons even from a terrible history, or a person nobody likes. Everyone has a treasure. It is important for yourself to learn what the company will offer you aside the salary.

5. How to prepare yourself to company's culture?

Be yourself. Please do not fake any personality, it will harm your image in the long run. But remember that your rights will end when the other's rights begin. Learning the culture is important to see if the environment is very collaborative, more individual and so on.

6. What are the future steps you must follow when you get the job?

It is almost impossible to be in the same company for the rest of the life. Take the positive things company will offer you in the run, attach new knowledge to your life and keep evolving! That is what it is all about. Get better everyday. Not only for the company, but for your career and life!

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Top 3 Questions to ask in an Interview


TOP 3 Questions to ask in an Interview


1) What are the company's culture?

Nothing much to say here, since we previously talked about this topic.

2) When I want to make new innovations or inventions, what Director member can I reach to get support to my ideas?

It is important to talk with a "Big Boss", to let people know that you are being the protagonist of your career. Also you take no risk of people stealing your ideas.

3) How are employees recognized for their efforts and results?

Here you basically show 2 things, you are there to work and give results and you are showing your value, you are saying that you Really want to bring results and how would you get recognized for it.


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