Top 3 ways to improve Performance at Work

Updated: May 28, 2021


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Top 3


1. Get your body in Thermal Comfort

When it is too hot, it is easy to start to sweat and is normal to have a bigger difficulty to concentrate.

When it is too cold, your brain will keep reminding you to warm yourself, to eat some snacks, to drink a coffee and so on. You will hardly have a decent concentration amount that way too.

What is the trick then?

Your brain can not be busy telling you messages. Especially if you can avoid these messages by normalizing a temperature where you are comfortable with.

Discover it! It may change from personal preferences according to different people. Some will prefer to stay in a cold place with a lot of clothes and a nice socks. While others will prefer to have less clothes as possible.

2. Hands must be comfortable

For me, when my hands are hurt, or are not totally clean, I can not concentrate into typing or anything else properly.

Some people will prefer to use different kinds of gloves. Some people prefer to use rings or to use a kind of skin treatment to keep it hydrated. It may differ from personal differences and needs.

3. Set a time for daily tasks and priorities

Everybody has essential stuff to do. It could be:

  1. Cleaning the house;

  2. Washing the dishes;

  3. Making the lunch;

  4. Answer some e-mails;

  5. Taking care of the snow.

Anything like that, do you understand me?

If you reserve a period of the day, or a few hours to do all the tasks in your home and work, you will have the rest of your day to fully concentrate in what you really want!

A man is running while an image of the clock reminds the importance of the time
Top 3 ways to improve Performance at Work


Works that involves creativity, creation or innovation requires a quiet mind.

Take care of your routine to keep yourself creative


I hope it works for you! Let me know